Our Company


The Farming

A large part of the processed products comes from the fields of the Conti degli Azzoni company that grows basil, parsley, rocket and sage and many other different vegetables. Each year the production of basil is more than 1.000 tons.

It is essential to grow directly the vegetables instead of buying them.  This guaranties the traceability and sustainability of the product along with the freshness and the final quality. The transformation takes place shortly after the harvesting so to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of the product.


The Working Process

The temperature control is essential during the working process, especially with the basil; during the whole production cycle the temperature is kept at a very low range to maintain the organoleptic characteristics among which the perfumes and the green pigmentation.  The basil, as the transforming process ends, is stored in strict compliance with the cold line.

Sestafoglia has two 0-4 ° refrigerating cells of 300 cubic meters each and a 100 cubic meters cell at -18 ° for the maintenance of frozen products.


The Logistic

Through the employment of their own refrigerated trucks and the support of some valuable companies in the sector, Sestafoglia makes deliveries throughout Europe and overseas, quickly and in time.