Our quality

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Sestafoglia adopts a self-control program based on the HACCP method in compliance with the European regulation 852/04 on food hygiene.  There is a constant monitoring of the entire production process so to ensure in each step its compliance with the health and hygiene requirements.

Taking advantage of its internal laboratory, the company regularly carries out chemical and microbiological analyzes on raw materials and finished products in order to ensure the full observance of the legislative and qualitative requirements.

The company has an efficient product traceability system, compliant with the European regulation 178/02.


There is a continuous study and a daily research carried out by the Sestafoglia’s team to produce new semi-finished products and new sauces. The food technologists are constantly looking for more quality and they are expanding the range of products available, with the aim to satisfy the customer requests.

Furthermore, all the recipes are reproduced with Organic Certification, and the company Sestafoglia is able to develop customized recipes according to the needs of the consumer.